Goodnight you people. Busy day tomorrow, I don’t think anything will go as planned because that’s how my life is but we’ll see.



{ midsummer starry nights }


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This is my aunts other bird (of like 20) he was the newest baby last year, but now they have other new ones. These birds just keep coming. I miss having birds. I can write a story about my bird Romeo. When he died, I cried. He had a broken leg, and would always limp. He was a cute blue budgie.

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Ponder freaking this! You have nice eyebrows :P Yes. I'm very pleased with myself

What? Lool is this who I think it is? Anyway yes, thank you I think they’re my best feature really.

One of my aunts birds. His name is Ramadan because he was born in the holy month of Ramadan, last year.

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